Monday, May 17, 2010

Nintendo Action Set

Story: I got this on craigslist and it was a really great find considering how much more they sell for on the internet. The box is in great condition and it has all of the instructions.
Damage: $30
For sale: I think I'm going to keep this guy for awhile.

Snake Mountain

Story: I found this at a local thrift store in Vallejo where I find most of the cool stuff I've found recently. I've only seen this for sale in a couple of stores before and they usually go for between $30-50. It's only missing a couple of the pieces, but compared to most that are on the internet it is in great shape. Overall, a really great find.
Damage: $2
For sale: This is not for sale. I have a huge He-man collection currently that I am going to sell eventually as one large single set.

Dino Riders

Story: Finding Dino Riders toys is absolutely impossible. This is the only time it has ever happened to me. They sell for a bunch of money online. I picked these up at the concord swap meet up hear in the east bay. If anyone every comes up to visit this place is awesome. The Terradactyl was for sale at a local toy shop as is for $26. The stegasuarus sold for $17 on ebay.
Damage: 15 cents each!
For Sale: These will be going up on ebay shortly, if you are interested in them, make me an offer and I'll see what I can do.

Hot Wheels Car Wash and Service Station

Story: This is a boxed and never used Hot Wheels Car Wash and Service Station. I found this at my local thrift store that I stop by before I tutor. This was manufactured in 1986 and would make a great gift for a Hot Wheels collector.
Damage: $3
For Sale: This will be going up on ebay shortly, if anyone wants to grab it make me an offer.